What is CrossFit?

  • Find Your Inner Athlete
  • Get Stronger and Leaner
  • Feel Positive + Energetic Change
  • Reduce Injury, Illness + Disease
  • Improve Performance at Chosen Sport(s)

Why CrossFit FiveStar

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  • Supportive Community
  • Caring, Professional Coaches
  • Life Changing Programs
  • Welcoming & Motivating Atmosphere
  • Fully Equipped RougeFitness™ Facility

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Our Clients Say it Best
  • In 2000 when I turned 30 years old I got into good shape and weighed in at 245. Through my thirties I got more and more out of shape. In 2012 I turned 42 and in July I weighed in the 290′s and had over a 44 inch waist. In December of this year I have weighed in the 250′s and my wife just purchased 38 inch jeans for me. It has been a really long time since my waist was below a 40. Amazing! At my last doctors appointment my cholesterol, blood pressure and weight was much improved. It made my doctor’s week to see one of his patients make positive changes to their health. My time, endurance and form has continued to improve with each WOD. My core strength is improving and my body has responded in a good way because I am carrying less weight and am becoming more flexible.–Jerry M

  • I really dislike gyms and find it hard to motivate myself to work out at home since I'm not a huge fan of exercise. I love CrossFit because it is something new and different every day. Since training under Shawn, Dani, Nik, and the other coaches at FiveStar, I find I push myself harder then I ever have and was surprised at the things I was able to accomplish. I worked out during my pregnancy and I really think that helped keep me in shape because after I had my daughter, the baby weight came right off.–Jenn D, Richboro

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