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CF MWU 170317: Friday “Happy St. Patty’s Day”

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Don’t forget to use ZenPlanner to reserve your spot in class and sign in when you arrive!. In addition, be sure to check the coaches corner for any last-minute news about your class or events goi
ng on at FiveStar.

WOD Performance :: It’s Friday that means The Opens Are HERE, 17.4 is 16.4!
  • It’s Friday that means The Opens Are HERE, 17.4 is 16.4!  
  • Don’t forget to sign up the food sign up for Friday Night Lights, Tonight! 
  • As always Please Reserve, Check-In, and Log Your Scores 😉 
  • Activation: 2 Min (400m Run/500m Row/0.8 km Bike) 
  • Quad/ITBand Foam Rolling – 2 Min Each Leg  
  • Start low above the knee, and work up towards the hips in 2-4 inch sections. Mash the quads with a foam roller, slowly moving just above the patella(knee bone) to high at the hip flexor. After a full pass, from knee to hip flexor, go high to low but this time on the outside of your thigh (ITBand). 2:00 on each leg, find the tight spots. 
  • Thoracic (Upper Back) Foam Rolling- 2 Min Total 
  • With the foam roller on the ground, hug yourself by wrapping your arms as far around yourself as you can. This will open your back so that you can get in there with the foam roller. After 1:00 with arms across your body, complete the second minute with both arms extended above your head, elbows locked out and hands together. Continue through the 2:00 mark, find the tight spots. 
  • Glute/Hip/Lower Back Lax Ball Smash 
  • Using a Lacrosse ball, and lying on you back. Place the lacrosse ball under the hip and start to hunt around for tight spots. your feet should be in the sit up position. Also try bringing you leg up to rest the working side on the opposite knee, this will expose some new spots.  
  • Banded Hamstring/Glute/Adductor Stretch 1 min/side 
  • Using a Red or Blue Band wrap it around the foot, and lay down on your back. Start with the Hamstring, bring the leg up to perpendicular to floor with a straight knee. Press away for 3-5 secs and relax and gather up the slack created for 5-10 sec. Repeat 2-3 Times, and for the Glute and Adductor.  
  • -30 sec/side Pigeon Stretch 
  • -10 Warrior Stretch 
  • -10 Barbell Torso Twists 
  • -Barbell Warm Up