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CF WOD 170117: Tuesday

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.announcementsPost Holiday Gathering, This Saturday Jan 21st @ Pour House in North Wales.
Reserve, Check-In, Log Your Scores, Please 😉
Get Signed up for the Lurong Challenge, details on their website or check out the Facebook Live we did with GM from Lurong.

  • Thoracic (Upper Back) Foam Rolling- 2 Min Total 
  • With the foam roller on the ground, hug yourself by wrapping your arms as far around yourself as you can. This will open your back so that you can get in there with the foam roller. After 1:00 with arms across your body, complete the second minute with both arms extended above your head, elbows locked out and hands together. Continue through the 2:00 mark, find the tight spots. 
  • Couch Stretch – 1 min each side 
  • Facing away from a wall in a kneeling position with hands on the floor for support, place one leg so that the shin bone is as close to the wall as possible (the respective foot will be in the air). Slowly bring the opposite foot up in front of you, and keep the heel down for a base of stability. Slowly bring your chest up as you imagine driving your waist forward, and hold at a position that provides a deep, but overwhelming stretch. Focus on your breathing. 
  • Traps – Lacrosse Ball Smash: 1 min each side 
  • Lay on your back and place a lacrosse ball high on your trap and mobilize through arm raises with a locked out elbow. Attempt to bring the arm as close to your ear as you raise overhead. Start with the lacrosse ball close to your neck, and work it outboard towards the shoulders as you work in multiple passes. 
  • Calves Foam Rolling – 1 min each leg 
  • Start down on the Achilles and work your way up to the back of the key in 2-4 in increments. For added pressure place the none working leg on top, and bridge up onto you hands. But for the great effectiveness have a super friend, apply pressure by needing you leg side to side as if you leg were a rolling pin and the foam roller was the dough. Have fun and find the tight spots.  
  • Cash In: 400m Run/500m Row/0.8 km Bike/2 min Jump Rope Practice 
  • -Barbell Warm Up 
  • -10 Warrior Squats 
  • -Medball Clean Practice 
  • 2 Rounds For Quality Form: 
  • -5 HSPU 
  • -5 Pull Ups 
  • -30 sec Double Under Practice  
FiveStar Focus
  • Push Press 3RM 
  • Find Push Press 3RM 
  • 1 x 3 @ 65%  
  • 1 x 3 @ 70%  
  • 1 x 3 @ 75%  
  • 1 x 3 @ 80%  
  • OR 
  • Handstand Hold 
  • Max Effort Handstand Hold 
  • Handstand Walk 
  • Max distance Handstand Walk 
WOD Performance ::
  • 170117: (Per) 
  • 12 Min AMRAP: 
  • -3 HSPU 
  • -6 Pull Ups 
  • -9 Medball Cleans (14/20) 
  • -12 Double Under Attempts 
WOD Fitness ::
  • 170117: (Fit) 
  • 12 Min AMRAP: 
  • -3 Pike HSPU 
  • -6 Banded Pull Ups 
  • -9 Medball Cleans (10/12) 
  • -24 Single Unders Jump Ropes 
WOD Competition ::
  • 170117: (Comp) 
  • 12 Min AMRAP: 
  • -3 Strict HSPU (to Floor) 
  • -6 C2B Pull Ups 
  • -9 Medball Cleans (20/30) 
  • -12 Unbroken Double Under