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CF WOD 170120: Friday

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.announcementsPost Holiday Gathering, Tomorrow Night
@ 6:30pm The Pour House in North Whales
Reserve, Check-In, and Log Your Scores — Please 😉

It’s Friday that means Opens Prep, we will redoing 16.3 today!
Don’t forget to sign up for the Opens @

  • Quad/Adductor Foam Rollling – 2 Min Each Leg 
  • Start at the hip flexor, and move down the front of the quad in 2-4 inch sections towards the knee. After a full pass, from hip flexor to knee, go low to high again but this time on the inside of your thigh (adductor). 2:00 on each leg, find the tight spots. 
  • Lats Foam Rolling – 1 min each side 
  • Mobilize these by laying on your side with the foam roller high towards the armpit area. Pinning your lat to the foam roller, make large sweeping motions. Spend several moments on a tight area, using multiple arm sweeps to loosen the area. Find the tight spots. 
  • Box Shoulder Stretch – 3 x 20 secs, Rest 10 sec 
  • Place your arms shoulder width apart on a 20?-24? box. Keeping your head neutral (look at the floor, dont bury your chin in your chest) push your shoulders open as far as possible driving your head and chest to the floor. The stretch should come from your shoulders and thoracic spine, not your lumbar spine.  
  • Hamstring Smash – 1 min each side 
  • Sitting on top of a box place the lax ball/s under the hamstring. Apply pressure on top to the thigh above the ball. Extend the leg out straight 3-5 times every 1-3 inches up the hamstring. Find the tight spots. 
  • -30 sec/side Pigeon Stretch 
  • -10 Scorpions Stretch 
  • -10 Cross Body Kicks 
  • -20 Cal Row  
  • -10 Warrior Squat Stretch 
  • Burgner Warm Up  
  • Prep The WOD: 2 or 3 Rounds  
  • -3 Power Snatches 
  • -3 Jumping C2B/ C2B / Bar Muscle Up 
  • -5 Burpees 
FiveStar Focus
  • 1,000 Meter Row 
  • 1,000 meter row for time 
  • Snatch 
  • 1 RM Snatch 
  • 5 x 1 
WOD Performance :: CrossFit Open 15.3
  • CrossFit Open 15.3 
  • AMRAP 14 Minutes:  
  • 7 Ring Muscle-ups  
  • 50 Wall balls  
  • 100 Double-unders