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Four New Years Resolutions You Can Keep…

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The new year is here! While many, many people plan to use this landmark time to get healthier or lose weight, the problem with these goals is that they are difficult to maintain. Most people want to see a significant weight loss within a few months or hope to change eating habits within a few weeks. Unfortunately, weight loss can be more complicated than that, but here are some tips to help you reach your goals.

Set Realistic Goals

First, choose a resolution that is attainable. For example, set a time frame that within 3 months, you will lose 10 pounds. This would be a healthy way to lose weight, about 1-2 pounds per week. It is possible that you could actually lose more weight, which would make you feel that losing weight is easy. If you were trying to be healthier either through diet or exercise, set a more realistic goal. For instance, plan to exercise for 1 hour 2-3 days per week, and gradually increase throughout the year. I always tell people to set goals for the week or month. When trying to eat healthier, make small changes, and increase as it becomes a daily habit.

Get Support

To help you meet your resolutions, you also need support within your everyday life. While family and friends are a great support system, you also need to “redo” your house and office space. Try to eliminate all the “junk” foods or foods that you have a weakness for. This could include chips, crackers, cookies, bread, or the granola bar that you have at your desk every afternoon. Replace these items with healthier alternatives in your refrigerator, pantry, and at work. Consider including protein (making you feel fuller longer), nuts (already portioned in separate containers or bags), fresh fruit or vegetables, and water. Adding these to your daily routine will help you resist your neighbor’s candy jar.

Ease into Exercise

Additionally, you can try to set a time to exercise with friends or family. If this is difficult, try to have your workout attire ready to go each day as a reminder to take action. Being a part of group fitness such as CrossFit or PowerDose can be helpful because you can find yourself an accountability buddy.

Make Your Health a Priority

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is to make all of this work in your hectic schedule. It usually helps to maintain a list of things you need to do. To help with your cooking, try to plan a menu each week so you will know exactly what you need at the grocery store – and to minimize the possibility of ordering take-out. If you must eat lunch or dinner out, remember that healthy choices, such as salads or a meat and veggie, are better options. However, moderation is also OK. Occasionally having the dinner that you enjoy will not hinder your ultimate weight loss goal.

In sum, don’t try to put too much on your plate (so to speak). Take each day as it comes, and do not get frustrated if you slip up every now and then. Don’t be afraid to start again! Once you establish healthy habits, the rest will be that much easier. Treat yourself for reaching each goal or staying on track for a certain amount of time. Good luck with your resolutions!

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